Born in Manaus in 1968, Heloisa Bomfim studied at the University of Santa Ursula in Rio de Janeiro, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism.

In 1991 she did a specialization in the United States, where she studied Drawing at Harvard University – Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, MA, and Lighting Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. In 1993 she went to Florence in Italy, where she did a specialization in Restoration, Interior Design and Architecture Renaissance History at the School Lorenzo De Medici.

In 2013 she concluded her Master in Critical History of Art at the Fine Arts University of São Paulo, where she developed a research on design and art, pointing how Art, Architecture and Design can switch roles, where art gets a functional character, and the design and architecture a contemplative character. She also investigated how the aesthetic experience of experimentation can influence the creative process and the poetics of contemporary arts: visual arts, design and architecture, showing how these three areas can work together to achieve a common goal, which is to enjoy an aesthetic experience playing with the sensations and emotions experienced by the viewer or user, within our contemporary society.

Today Heloisa Bomfim develops a minimalist artwork that she calls paper architecture, referenced by her research on art and design, bringing elements of design and architecture into the world of visual arts. An example of this is the work developed based on elements of architecture, as Muxarabi and Cobogó, architectural elements that are transformed into art.